Official Hiatus Announcement

Hello! I’ve been very busy(which is why i’ve been on a sort of “unofficial” hiatus), but now I feel as if I truly need to due to some life problems that I can’t discuss. I will, however be trying to be posting some Fantage fanart and memes inbetween the hiatus. Thank you for understanding.


MyMall Maintenance Has Been Lifted!

MyMall Before Renovations.As you all may have known, the MyMall was under maintenance for a few days ago, this wasn’t much though, it made kiosks no longer available and emphasizes very much on the fact that trading, illegally selling and hacking/cheating on Fantage, as this has become more and more recent on the game. At least Fantage is getting ahold of this, and making even the slightest changes to it’s buildings.

woah i just found this after a few years??

Hello there! I’m Free. Except It’s 2017. And I barely play Fantage.


So what’s gonna happen to this blog?


Well. I’m going to be trying to go back to playing Fantage and keeping this blog up, but due to school and real-life events happening, I will have to numb this down to a minimum of 1 post per week, and a maximum of 5 posts per week. I will also be trying to use my YouTube alt for a reincarnation of an old series, “Fantage News”! I will be posting scripts and links to those videos. I also do have a personal blog over on Tumblr(that being woah-thats-spicy for those who are wondering) and so I will also be revamping the site, deleting and editing a few posts(moreso controversial or non-working glitch posts such as the Fantage Ringpops or Salon glitch posts.) My main account is still free231, and i’ll see you soon!